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The War of Prophet, Priest and King: Christmas Conspiracy (part 3 of 3)

The Christmas Conspiracy

In the darkest hour of the War, something happened. There came a group of men, members of a secret society, who conspired to bring peace to the endless War. A tiny number of emissaries from the various races of men gathered together symbols of the Kings’ pragmatism, the Priests’ mysticism, and the Prophets’ eternal truth. They journeyed together to commission one who would bring balance to the world. He would be a pragmatist, and he would set up a system undeniably more pragmatic than any kingdom. He would be a mystic, speaking in riddles and telling stories that would thrill the heart of man; moreover, he would be a myth, the satisfaction of all the yearning for a hero that came before. Finally, he would be Truth, building so secure a foundation for reason that it would never be shaken. And so, guided by the stars in the sky, the words of ancient prophets, and (unlike men today) by asking for directions when they got lost, they found the one whom they sought. And so, in the clandestine setting of a stable, they presented their gifts to the one who would end the War and unify both Man and men. They gave him gold, the most pragmatic of metals, so valued by men that it could be exchanged for anything; frankincense, the fragrant spice of the priests, thrilling the nostrils and exciting ancient memories; and myrrh, the ancient anesthesia and embalming spice, speaking to the foundation of all philosophy: remembrance of mortality. With these, the Peacemaker was commissioned.

He lived a model life, bringing together in himself the prophet, priest and king. He healed the sick, he taught the Truth, and he preached the Mystery. The Peacemaker was killed after only a few years by an alliance of the reigning powers. But his death was like the planted seed. Though few realized the implications of his short life at first, the fruits soon became apparent. Before his death, he started a Family and adopted pragmatists, idealists and existentialists into it. And in this Family, the three Powers had to learn to love one another as brothers. And so they did.

The Peacemaker’s story satisfied the myth-seekers because it was a good story and it satisfied the truth-seekers because it was a true story. It satisfied the pragmatists because belief in the story yielded benefits to the individual and the group. And so the Family grew like a vine, the diverse Powers being added like grafts. The Family was the first thing big enough and durable enough to include all types of people and their professions. The family had room for the pragmatic classes of soldiers and merchants and kings. It had room for the mystics and priests and mythmakers. It had room for philosophers and scientists and prophets. They were bound together as Family by the Peacemaker. And so it was, for the first time, that the philosopher could critique the story of the poet because it was not true, and the poet could critique the truth of the philosopher because it was not beautiful. Because, for the first time, they were working on the same thing; their investigations were directed at the same thing. This family came to the exhilarating conclusion that Justice was Justice: Justice in government was the same as Justice in narrative and the same as Justice in Heaven.

On the home front, the mystical groping of the Id could finally see whom it had been ever dreaming about in the Peacemaker. The Superego discovered that it existed in the same world as the Id, and that no natural desire was given in vain. It found that all that the Id had been hungering for could be satisfied in the Family. The Ego became a jury no more, but an interpreter between the Id and Superego. Sexual desires, or desires for food did not have to be crushed, or did not have to reign, but could find proper expression.

The War of the Powers and the War of the Psyche were ended when the Treaty of the Peacemaker was signed in the 33rd year of His reign. Peace began spreading throughout the world as news of this novel solution spread. And so it continues to spread today.

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