Monday, February 2, 2009

Service as Rx

Our Psych professor brings in patients from the Psych ward to interview with him on their condition so as to help us to learn. At first he was hesitant, worrying about the stress that such public revelation would put on the patients. But there have been universally positive responses; the patients focus on their ability to do good by helping us learn.

This is a key insight: our mental health may depend on service to others. Could the be employed in the Psych wards and metal health institutions? Can we figure out a way to give depressed and anxious patients the ability to focus outwards, and help those in need? I think this would be a great way to help two sets of people significantly, and to help teach Psychiatrist that there is more to mental health than chemical imbalance. Or for the particularly stubborn materialists, that chemical imbalance may be solved by serving others.

Maybe in a while your doctor will diagnose you as having a "service deficiency" and the prescription being "visiting a nursing home MWF".

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