Sunday, February 1, 2009

Role of Women in the Church

I had a very good discussion with a classmate which has caused me to begin to rethink my position on women in the church.

I had previously taken Paul's instructions on female pastors literally, and not seriously considered the possibility that those sections were cultural (in the category of "greet one another with a holy kiss"). The slippery hermeneutic slope is a very real danger, but it at least deserves more consideration on my part than I've given it.

I never had a problem with women leading or even preaching. The only position that I was uncomfortable with was the head pastor's position. But what of that? Clearly God chose Deborah to exercise executive leadership (Judges 4) even to the point of shaming the courage of the man under her (Barak). I re-listened to a sermon that struck me years ago where the pastor (Myles McPherson of The Rock in San Diego) said, "God was trying to send a message: 'Don't be trippin'!" And he's right. God uses who he uses, even in extremely paternal societies. Should we set up structures which prevent people like Deborah from leading?

I don't know... this deserves more thought for sure.

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