Saturday, September 6, 2008

And another one bites the dust...

Weeks. The title is talking about weeks (and an incredible Queen song).

So it's Friday night, half past midnight, and I'm done with another week. I'm sure you're wondering how I feel. Regardless of the presence or absence of wonders, I will tell you. To sum it up, good. Spiritually, emotionally, socially, and even academically, good.

I did a lot this week. For one, [warning, for those with weak stomachs, skip this section] I held a human heart in my (gloved) hand, and was able to find the Left and Right Cardiac Arteries. I learned all about DNA transcription, repair and proofreading (which is pretty freakin' cool, if you ask me). I also learned how to give PPDs and draw blood (I suck at both, but I know how to).

As far as work is concerned, there is a lot to do. I have online quizzes on Histology and Molecular Biology due by Sunday. There are probably 100 pages of Cells to Tissues to understand and a denser 30 pages of Molecular Biology. And I've got a scientific paper to read on Telomerase. But that's all I have to do, and I'm not being sarcastic.

I don't have a million other obligations taking up time. I can no longer spend Saturdays in Mexico, so I'll probably spend it studying. I'm still of the opinion that I won't study on Sunday to rest one day of the week (God said it was a good idea, right? ...We'll see how long my integrity lasts). I played Ultimate footba-occer today (and now am sore and ache... I must be getting old) this afternoon. I'm probably going to a party tomorrow night. What else have I to do in the remaining 16 hours per day but study? I try not to study alone, so it's a discussion on the stuff. When I'm thinking in a group, it's almost fun. Especially when I get to study with people I like (which, of course, is everyone :). Sometimes I study with people I don't really know (even though I know most of the 86 by name). It's sort of like a perpetual finals week. It's quite enjoyable.

Some people are really stressing. From what the second years have said and even the professors, it shouldn't be that hard to pass. There is a lot of information, but worrying about it never helped anyone except in getting them to work; it's the work that counts, not the worry. I guess I could cut out a few more hours of fun and replace them with study. But I don't think that would be prudent. As for the stressing, I learned a while ago (namely April of 2005... while preparing for the MCAT) that this whole thing is in God's hands and will work out for my best (whether that's passing or not, Romans 8:28); I need only to do my best. So far my best + God's will has led to Stanford, so there's no reason to change course now. Stress, at least in the academic realm, wasn't necessary and, I don't believe, will be. Again, we'll see how long my integrity lasts.


  1. Hi Grandson--Your Dad & Mom put me on your blog. So I will write a few lines to let you know how proud I am. It sounds as if you are really busy. I am glad that you like your classmates and are working hard.
    Today is my birthday. Your Dad, Mom, Matthew & Sarah took me to the work. I really enjoyed the shrimp with coconuts & pecans.
    I had notes from Grandpa's two daughter-in-laws who said how happy & georgous you looked. The women in the choir said you'd be married shortly because you looked so great!.
    Well almost time to bed--until next time--God Speed--loveGM

  2. Hey David~ Sounds like med school is going to be a piece of cake... and im sooo glad that you are having fun with it all. Whats the point to racking your brain if you aren't going to enjoy it at the same time :)
    Isn't holding a human heart just the best thing in the world?! I love it, and I cant wait to hear what else you can get your hands on.
    Study hard, play hard and know that God has your best interest at heart. You are going to make such a wonderful doctor! Hope to talk to you soon! Taryne :)