Tuesday, September 30, 2008

All quiet on the western front

So I'm done with finals. Ask me about Topoisomerase II, or Nucleotide Excision Repair (from Molecular Biology) and Wnt Signaling (from Cells to Tissues) and I'll talk your ear off. Whew. That is right, four weeks in and done with a first set of finals and none in sight (that is, for 8 weeks).

A bit of celebration followed what was very high-stress for most. I joined in the imbibery with a plastic cup of champagne the second year class had poured outside of our final, and then decided to celebrate the rest of the weekend dry. Needless to say, I was in the minority. So the Friday and Saturday night (in SF) could be accurately described as being "off the hook" (I would really like to know the origin of that metaphor).

Life here has been wonderful. I really love it. The people here are incredible. I've gotten to be great friends with a handful, have about 20 friends (people I hang out with regularly) and am on relatively good terms with all the others.

Stanford has remained gorgeous. I took these on a walk by "The Dish," a trail right on campus.

Spiritually speaking, I've found a great church (ALCF) and a Bible study/small group. I'm seeing things in myself that are spiritually inadequate and weak, and beginning to strengthen them. I am even seeing some of the seeds I planted begin to sprout. Praise the Lord!

Things couldn't be much better!

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  1. According to a message board:

    Fredrick Douglas, famous slave who escaped slavery and wrote several books refered to a hook that was placed on the wall for the purpose of whipping slaves.

    First the overseer or master would bind the slave's hands and then they would be hung from this hook, so that their feet dangled. Then they would be beaten on their bear skin until there was no part that had not been cut by the whip.

    After that they were taken "off the hook".