Monday, December 6, 2010

Blog Revamp!

I have revamped my blog. I've redone the format (average monitor width, it seems, has increased since 2005) and used as a background image a picture I took at the Stanford Dish. I've always liked oak trees, perhaps because they remind me of Psalm 1. Oaks are really hearty trees. They are hardwoods, and so resistant to fires, and they have roots that go deep, making them resistant to drought. They're a true California plant. Also, they that lived near me when I was growing up, and we were friends in Boy Scouts. Maybe that's why. In any case, that's now my background: an oak tree at Stanford.

With the new layout, you can see popular posts, and a 'cloud' of the common things I have written about (to the right). Perhaps unsurprisingly, the two topics on which I've written most frequently are Christianity and Philosophy. As such, I've included some of my relevant pictures: a cross etched into the cliff walls in Turkey by early persecuted Christians, and the Thinker from atop Rodin's Gates of Hell at Stanford (who knew the Gates of Hell were actually located near the center of the Stanford campus?). I've also added a tag: Best Posts to indicate my own personal favorites since I started. 

It's interesting to read the work of Younger David. He's a thought-provoking thinker, rash at times, and ignorant of many things. But he is rational and passionate. He'd be a very interesting person to get coffee with. But, alas, he no longer exists; there is only Older David. I'm glad that some record of Younger David's thinking persists.

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