Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Med School update

A lot has happened since last I posted. It's now 12:30AM and I should be sleeping but this entry is long overdue.

To update you all on my professional life: I interviewed for Cornell and Duke last week and it seems that medical schools are simply getting better and better. Cornell has an amazing international program where they basically pay for you to go anywhere in the world you want to. Duke actually cares about character; they have a rigorous process of interviewing for people with morals, who are humble, and who are real people. That's part of the reason why they're so good at primary care. If I got in everywhere, I don't know what I'd choose. I think I'm leaning towards Duke... but I'm always leaning for the school of my most recent interview.

I've got a bunch more in the next two weeks (UCLA, Oregon, Stanford); it'll be crazy!

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