Thursday, January 24, 2008


I have had several recent epiphanies that have shaken my comfortable equilibrium.

  • We are owners and heirs, not beggars. It is not we who should or could ever be ashamed, for we are Sons of the Kingdom. We are in a superior position to the rest of the world, so should never be embarrassed to speak with any of our subjects regardless of the circumstances.
  • Mockery is something to be desired, though perhaps not sought directly. We ought to glory in our sufferings, not complain and fear them.
  • We are off the track, no longer a car in Disneyland Autopia with two feet of freedom. We are truly free to go where we will, and finally to follow Christ through the wilderness and into the Promised Land.
  • Modern Christianity is truly an imprisoning track. It has negative commands but few positive ones, except selfish ones. There is no reason for prayer, no purpose to sharpening our sword and no point to drilling with our brothers in arms, for there is no war. We have constructed a fort in enemy territory rather than assaulting. He is quite content to siege it, cutting us off from his land and preventing any real damage to his territory, and causing our starvation in our fort.
  • I now have peace now that I don't know the future. I cannot worry about the future for I no longer pretend to see it. I know only that there are dangers, risks and adventures before me, that Christ is at my side, and that I cannot ultimately fail.
  • This drastic and passionate paradox of security in victory and total ignorance of circumstance beautifully describes this aspect of the faith. "The lion lays down with the Lamb." Only in Christianity is such a ludicrous desire matched by so ridiculous doctrine.
[Journal entry written 1:00AM on 1/23/08]

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