Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Discipline (II)

So I memorized a grip of Bible verses, went to bed, woke up with my alarm, ran 3 miles and then wasted 6 hours. I then recovered, read my Bible and started reading poetry, overcoming the temptation to watch Star Wars in the living room. Overall, mediocre.

Thank you, my invisible audience. The day would have otherwise been a complete waste without you.

Now you have an opportunity to become visible. What do you want me to write about? Post a comment and it will heavily influence what I write about. I have many ideas that I'd write for me; however, if I knew it was benefiting or entertaining more people than me, I'd be much more motivated to write.
  • Political ("Why you should vote for Ron Paul" or"Why we shouldn't recycle paper")
  • Reflections on the book of Esther (I read it last night)
  • Poetry discussions (I just read through some Blake)
  • The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand (a book about Objectivism that I'm planning on reading)
  • Personal updates (my musings on medical schools, interviews, and class)
  • Other ideas


  1. I understand how cutting down and burying trees creates a carbon sink... but at what cost to the carbon dioxide to oxygen conversion that takes place when the tree is living. Basically..yeah...should or shouldn't we recycle paper?

  2. Okay, so got into a discussion with a colleague yesterday about meat. We went to a Persian restaraunt, (not as good as the one we ate at) I ordered the beef kabab and she ordered the vegetarian. I asked her why she made her choice and she said that she tried not to eat red meat. Her reasons (after a long discussion) were essentially that "they" say that red meat is bad for you, cows are cute and lovable and she feels guilty for eating them, and that there are plenty of other sources of non-cute and lovable food out there. She did concede to eating In 'N' Out from time to time but that it was a guilty pleasure. We discussed (among other things) the societal and religious reasons for the difference in our diet as compared with that of someone living in... say... India or the Middle East.

    My questions are as follows:

    Do cows know they're suffering?

    Should I care that they are suffering?

    If they're not meant to be eaten why are they so plentiful, fat, and stupid?

    In terms of efficiency, is it a viable plan to shift production away from livestock and towards agriculture?

    Is it "unhealthy" to eat red meat and can we adequately supplement a meatless diet with vitimins and supplements and what not?

    Rest assured your response will not be limited to those that read this blog (me).